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Makonde Ridgebacks is very excited to announce the pairing of two exceptional Ridgebacks in 2023:

BISS CanGCh IntCh AmGCh Songbird's Western Cedar RI ATT BCAT TKN CGC (Forrest)
Forrest stacked_crop.jpg
Forrest Racing In Blue_crop.jpg
Forrest Aristocrat Hound Show_Stack_Apr2023_crop.jpg
See Forrest's OFA health clearances here


BIF DC Makonde's Tally Marks SC grc nw1 l1I l1c ATT CGC (tally)
Tally Sep CKCLC Four off the floor_crop2.jpg
Tally_Nose work_Vehicle search.jpg
See Tally's OFA health clearances here

Puppies due late June 2023 - inquiries welcome 

Puppy Forrest
Puppy Tally
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