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Makonde Rhodesian Ridgebacks - breeding dogs that are bold, agile and fast

Rhodesian Ridgebacks intrigued me as a teenager, and my encounters with these fascinating dogs, brief though they were, hounded me until I finally gave in and submitted an application to the Pacific Northwest Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue Organization. In 2006 my dream became reality when my Rescue girl, Xolani (which means "Peace" in Zulu) came to live with me in Portland, Oregon. At that time I also learned that Xoli's dam and sire had been imported from South Africa. The name Makonde represents a district in Zimbabwe (formerly known as Rhodesia).

Xoli and I have had so many adventures together:  lure coursing, agility, rally obedience, sheepherding, hiking, biking, swimming, nose name it, Xoli is up for it! Life with a Rhodesian Ridgeback was so wonderful that a few years later Xoli's cousin from South Africa, Qetesh (aka Qesh), joined us in Oregon. Qesh came from a kennel that has been breeding working Ridgebacks for decades. Their pups are often placed with game wardens in South Africa's Kruger National Park to help them protect the wild animals. This is the temperament and type of working Ridgeback that I wanted for my breeding program at Makonde. Some of the best tracking Ridgebacks in Kruger Park are in Qesh's pedigree. I am aiming for Ridgebacks that will protect their families, while at the same time have sound, stable temperaments that allow them to go anywhere with their people.

Holly Simon and Xolani

Young Qesh - S. Fork of the Payette River. Both Xoli and Qesh crossed that bridge with me!

BIF DC Makonde's Tally Marks SC CGC ATT
busts a move with her Greyhound pals

Mach2 Halali Xolani SC RE MJG MXG
HIC ET CGC L1C L1I herding sheep
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