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2017 Litter Announcement: Comics/Superhero Litter

Sire:   GrCH Kito's Sweet Stellar Evolution SC (Brody) x
Dam:  BIF FC Excalibur Saratoggah SC CA FCh GRC JOR RN NA OAJ NF ATT CGC NW1 (Qesh)

Makonde is excited to report a successful mating between Qesh and Brody!10 beautiful, healthy pups were whelped on February 20. Five boys, five girls:  nine show ridges, no DS, no kinks, all correct bites. One blue dilute (dd).

Brody's pedigree:

Health clearances:

Qesh's pedigree

Qesh's health clearances
Qesh_Jul2020_free stack.jpeg

BIF FC Excalibur Saratoggah SC CA FCh RN OAJ NA NF ATT CGC GRC JOR NW1 "Qesh"

Brody_2nd stack.tiff

Pictures of the
dam and sire

Huntington Major Win NWRRC LC Trial, Apr 3, 2022.JPG

Mama Qesh and babies

Download Makonde's 

Puppy Questionnaire

    Grown Up Pups 

HP53403006_ DC Makonde's Tally Marks_4Post.jpg
Tally CKC LC Oct 2020 Chasing bunnies_crop.jpg

DC Makonde's Tally Marks SC GRC ATT CGC NW1 L1I L1C "Tally"

HP53403005_Makonde's Subatomic Party Girl_Rosie_4POSTjpg.jpg
Rosie Best Puppy Longview-Kelso Kennel Club 9-4-17.jpg
Rosie CKCLC Fall 2020 Four of the Floor!.jpg

FC Makonde's Subatomic Party Girl SC "Rosie Ridgeter" 

Huntington, ~14 mths.jpg
Huntington BOW and BBBE Longview -Kelso Kennel Club 9-2-17.JPG
Huntington Major Win NWRRC LC Trial, Apr 3, 2022.JPG

Makonde's X-force Bedlam SC "Huntington" 

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